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Autism Society of Moore County on Sandy

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A NOTE FROM Autism Society of NC (ASNC) regarding the tragedy at NEWTOWN, CT.

All of us in the autism community have the deepest sympathy for the families affected by the terrible events in Newtown, Connecticut.

Because of the suggested links to Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism, ASNC has been actively pursuing opportunities to educate the public about autism spectrum disorder, to dispel misconceptions, and to advocate for the services and supports that are vital to all individuals with disabilities, their families and to our communities. We appreciate the self advocates, family members, chapter leaders, professionals and community members who have contacted us with their concerns through calls, email and social media posts.

We also appreciate the chapter leaders, parents and staff who were willing to be interviewed for the articles and TV news spots that have been aired.

You can view these articles and news segments by visiting the ASNC website ( or by connecting on the ASNC Facebook page.

There have been several other excellent articles written recently, and we have attached the links to these articles below.

As this tragic story continues to unfold and you have concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact ASNC with your concerns or for support.

Other important articles:

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