In two separate Moore County endeavors, the town of Southern Pines and the Village of Pinehurst are developing greenway trail systems for their residents. Although the two greenway systems do not connect, more than 15 miles of nature trails are available for hiking, biking, walking, running, “strollering” and nature observation.

Pinehurst Greenway

As part of its 2003 Comprehensive Long Range Plan, Pinehurst is well on its way to constructing a greenway trail system to help maintain open spaces in the community, to connect those communities to the historic downtown village area and to promote green and healthy living for its residents.

The trail system is intended for pedestrian and bicycle traffic only and spans across four miles of the Village of Pinehurst. An additional three-quaters of a mile of trail is almost complete along Linden Road to the west. The trail system centers on the historic village, with trails radiating out to the west toward the lake and Pinewild and to the north and east past the Village Hall and Rassie Wicker Park, along and across Hwy. 211 and through Village Acres to Route 15/501 near the Pinehurst No. 6 community.

Southern Pines Greenway System

In 1990, the Town of Southern Pines adopted a master plan that included creating an expansive greenway system. Currently 11 miles of trails have been completed and several more are under construction or planned. The eight completed trails serve mainly to connect adjacent communities with one another and Reservoir Park, the hub of the main greenway.

The Reservoir Park trail, at 2.1 miles, is the longest completed segment of the greenway and wanders around the park and lake and includes two scenic overlooks. The trail can be somewhat steep and rocky in areas, so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and shoes. The entire trail system is intended for pedestrians and cyclists and is a great way to get out and enjoy nature while breathing in some fresh air and exercising with your family.