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Sandhills Families –Summer Safety

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by Crystal Taylor

As each new day gets warmer we are all reminded of how much we like to take a dip in the pool and spend time outside. Everyone starts to feel the need to get out in the summer fun. This article is to prepare you for the summer dangers could result in injuries or worse. As caregivers we are responsible for the safety of children. It is important as the season’s change we need to prepare by reminding and reeducating ourselves on seasonal dangers. Our first instinct is to lather kids in sunscreen and bug spray and send them on their way. While these are two very important areas of concern here are some other things to keep in mind. Summer is the season we encourage children to play outside with other children. During the summer months we may have to leave them alone or leave with a trusted relative or babysitter. The first link deals with stranger danger being outside in playgrounds, friends’ homes or in a public place children will be exposed to others. While not traumatizing your child you will need to make them aware of the possible dangers. Here is a great link to start with

Working parents may need to leave kids with others or if you yourself are a gun owner please remember to ask the person you are leaving your child with do you own a gun in the house and if so is it locked away and review you gun safety if you own one. Don not assume even if your child is older they know about gun safety .

Kids and car safety. I was made aware of the dangers of what could happen to children who are left in cars in the heat of summer back in the early nineties. It ended in tragedy. I urge you please check for sleeping children or quiet babies. We can all get busy and forget especially if you are a babysitter and not used to a routine. This link will help bring awareness, educate others who may be watching your kids.

Kids and pool safety : Pools can be a lot of fun but you will need to use caution. This link will help you in tips to keep yourself and kids safe.

And also for boaters

Here is a good link to go over all the summer safety hazards you may come across.

Please have a safe and fun summer

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As caregivers we learn best from each other.



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