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Donation from Sami McDaniel to Caring Hearts For Kids Of Moore

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She requested this in lieu of graduation gifts!! Here is her story-Sami McDaniel

“I’ve grown up on the mindset that if you are blessed and doing well, you should help others. God has blessed me in a multitude of ways and each and every day I still see those who are struggling. As I grow older with each day I begin to understand more and more that my blessings are meant for others. Today, I was surrounded by those people in my life who support me in every journey I embark on. Knowing I had to have a graduation party I asked my mom if she thought it was okay that I asked for donations instead of gifts. I asked that my guest bring Caring Hearts for Kids of Moore County items to give to those kids who are not as fortunate as we. The items we take for granted are the items those children need to get through each passing day. I feel completely humbled that I was given 21 boxes of diapers, 23 boxes of wipes, 24 coloring books, 25 crayons, 13 books, 26 new toys, puzzles, and games, 17 new sippy cups, pacifiers, teething needs, bibs, cloths, and clothes, and 68 new tooth brushes, shampoo/conditioner, tooth paste, soap, sanitizer, and everything in between. I cannot say thank you enough to those who helped me bless others. Because of you I am able to provide less fortunate children with resources that they may not have otherwise been given. “I am blessed” is an understatement.”

As founder of Caring Hearts For Kids Of Moore, our non-profit organization was in desperate need for these items as for we only run off of the communities’ donations, we are not State funded like most. We try to teach the community to pay it forward, to help their neighbor. There are not enough words to describe this young lady, she has her life to begin now as an adult and to be so selfless as to donate ALL her graduation money to at need kids, she has the biggest heart ever. Just to be able to see the children of Moore County that will be Blessed by what she gave will be priceless!!

God Bless you Sami in whatever journey you take in life, I’m sure you will succeed at anything you choose to do, thanks from the bottom of our hearts, Ann Kennedy & Jackie Willard.

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