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Sandhills Classical Christian School

Sandhills Classical Christian School

Experience the difference of a Classical Christian education

Our Locations

Preschool:  (910) 420-6974

#1 Location:  Pinehurst Campus, 6 Carter St. Pinehurst, NC 28374
#2 Location:  Christ Fellowship Campus, 1425 Midland Rd. Southern Pines, NC 28387

Lower School (K-5th): (910) 695-1874

1487 Rays Bridge Rd. Whispering Pines, NC  28327

Upper School (6th -12th): (910) 725-1368

320 N. Ashe St.   Southern Pines, NC 28387

Preschool through high school

Sandhills Classical Christian School is an interdenominational Christian school with a biblical worldview, training more than 300 young minds to think clearly, listen carefully, reason logically, and articulate persuasively. SCCS offers a full curriculum for pre-school through high school, including drama, art, music, and sports, while remaining focused on its outstanding academic program in the Classical methodology. 

Our Curriculum, the Trivium

Rooted with an understanding of developmental stages, a Classical education capitalizes on the learning characteristics of each in a three-part process called the Trivium:


Phase 1: Grammar School, grades K-6

Children in kindergarten through sixth grade learn through a multi-sensory approach, focused on acquiring a wide range of facts in critical subjects. SCCS is one of the few educational institutions to use the comprehensive phonics method to teach reading. Additionally, beginning in third grade, students study Latin. The study of this structured and logical language prepares students for solving other complex problems and, as the origin of Romance languages, Latin study enables students to comprehend and master other languages, including English.


Phase 2: Logic School, grades 7-8

The Logic School for students in grades seven through nine stresses formal logic, writing, reading classical texts, and a historical, cultural, and theological integration of subjects. This phase capitalizes on youth’s natural inquisitiveness and desire to debate, as we develop their ability to reason and discern truth.

 Phase 3: Rhetoric School, grades 9-12

In grades ten through twelve, students learn to communicate their ideas and beliefs persuasively through formal rhetoric. Students hone their skills of persuasion by participating in debate, apologetics, drama, speech and essay writing, while simultaneously studying classic literature, history, math, and science.

Student performance

While our school does not place an emphasis on standardized testing, we are pleased to report that SCCS students test an average of two to five years above grade level on the Standard Achievement Test. More importantly, SCCS students are young people who know how to think, listen, reason and articulate. What’s more, they are socially graceful and spiritually gracious.

 Additional considerations

  • As a Christ-centered institution, SCCS incorporates a comprehensive study of the Bible throughout a child’s education.
  • Each phase of the Trivium includes strong elements of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Our schedule is modified year-round with four, nine-week academic quarters; two-week breaks in the fall, Christmas and in the spring; and an eight-week summer.
  • Half-day kindergarten option is available.
  • Financial aid is available.
  • SCCS is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools and the Society for Classical Learning.

Visit us to experience the excellence of SCCS

The best way to experience the excellence of Sandhills Classical Christian School is to see it in person. Call us at 910.695.1874 today to schedule your personal tour. You can also learn more at

387 West Pennsylvania Ave., Southern Pines, NC 28387


 Sandhills Classical Christian School Preschool Program

As the preschool years are pivotal to nurturing a lifelong love of learning, our program is   designed to encourage exploration and development of your child’s God-given gifts. Children are taught in a loving and safe Christian environment using the Classical teaching method. We operate in an atmosphere of God’s love and truth, where the fruits of the spirit guide our actions and expectations.

Our program provides thematic units that engage, integrate and teach across all curricular areas. We will expose your child to a wide variety of information and literary-rich experiences. Your child’s classroom will be a balance of interactive experiences, both teacher directed and child initiated, with attention to the requirements and differences of each individual child.

  • Bible – God is love, prayer, parts of the Bible, Biblical traits, Christian worldview, spiritual personal development
  • Communication Arts – reading, literature, writing, listening, speaking, grammar
  • Math – patterns and functions, number sense, geometry and spatial sense, measurement, problem solving, statistics, data analysis. Fractions, money and statistics are explored in the four-year-old and pre-kindergarten programs.
  • Science – process and inquiry, earth and space, life science, physics, chemistry
  • Social Sciences – history, geography, civics, economics
  • Memory Development – memorization and recitation using scripture, rhymes, chants and songs/hymns
  • Creative Development – God is our creator, art and art history, music and music appreciation, Latin and foreign language appreciation, vocabulary
  • Physical Development – large and small motor skills, health
  • Spiritual, Social Development – appreciation and development of the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

Preschool Schedules and Locations

  • Three-Year-Old Half and Full Day
  • Four-Year-Old Half and Full Day
  • Pre-Kindergarten Half and Full Day

We offer a variety of options for class days.

In addition to our main campus at 387 W. Pennsylvania Avenue in Southern Pines, we also have satellite campuses serving families in Whispering Pines, Pinehurst and Aberdeen.

Visit us

To schedule your personal tour call us 910.695.0054 or email our director, Shanna Baker, at You can also visit us at

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