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Allergy/asthma issues – please share your experiences

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Both my children have asthma and allergies my daughter has seasonal and my son has a whole list of stuff, plus he has SPD disorder. Am I the only one who feels like your in over your head? I am willing to listen to any ideas . Was going to Sanford for therapy but was having trouble getting off work and getting there so looking for something closer to home.  Also if anyone knows of any deals on back to school supplies please let me know just me and working on tight budget.

Thank you  Totally Confused


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6 thoughts on “Allergy/asthma issues – please share your experiences

  1. Do you mind us asking what town would be closer to home, so readers know if they should contribute their experience or Dr. to your post?

    Back to school supplies deals – great question! I hope some parents have some input to that.

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