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A Mighty Girl (and boy)

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Contributed By: Michelle (7 Posts)

Every once in a while I find a website that just amazes me. Recently, a friend posted a link from A Mighty Girl on Facebook and once I was able to actually take a look around, I was highly impressed. Apparently the site has been around for a year and I wish I had known about it sooner.

So what is A Mighty Girl? According to their website, this is the answer:

“A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books, toys, movies, and music for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls and, of course, for girls themselves!

After years of seeking out empowering and inspirational books for our four young nieces, we decided to create A Mighty Girl as a resource site to help others equally interested in supporting and celebrating girls. The site was founded on the belief that all children should have the opportunity to read books, play with toys, listen to music, and watch movies that offer positive messages about girls and honor their diverse capabilities.

Girls do not have to be relegated to the role of sidekick or damsel in distress; they can be the leaders, the heroes, the champions that save the day, find the cure, and go on the adventure. It is our hope that these high-quality children’s products will help a new generation of girls to grow and pursue whatever dreams they choose — to truly be Mighty Girls!”

How have I found it useful? There amazing lists of great books that don’t adhere to some of the more mundane ideas about how girls and boys are supposed to act. They encourage kids to be empowered and to be kind and they have books on historical figures and events that sometimes get overlooked. Everything is curated in a marvelous way with categories based on topic as well as age-group. There are also many “best of” lists with great topics like bullying, environmentalism, school stories, Halloween and Winter holidays.

In addition to books, they have toys, games, music, and movies that encourage kids to be more and do more. I found some great new music that my daughter is thrilled with too.

While they are in some ways “aimed” at girls, any parent can get something worthwhile from this site. I highly recommend checking them out. You can also follow their pins on pinterest.

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