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Julie Barnhill Brings Wit and Wisdom to the Sandhills

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barnhill pinehurst nc moms eventsCalled the “Erma Bombeck of the 21st century,” Julie Barnhill is the refreshingly relevant voice of authentic living for women across the globe.
And on March 5th and 6th, she’s bringing her message to Moore County!
Armed with a razor-sharp acerbic wit, Julie dedicates herself to proclaiming the sublime, sentimental, and sometimes subversive truths of life, home, and family. Coupled with a disarmingly charming self-deprecating sense of humor, she unapologetically sets herself apart as mothering expert, author, international speaker, and popular media guest. Once a guest expert on The Oprah Show, Julie inspires and challenges audiences to action, tackling subjects from the sublime (learning to embrace one’s cellulite) to the serious and provocative (motherhood, anger, and abuse). There are two chances to hear Julie: the evening of Friday, March 5 and the morning of Saturday, March 6.

For more information and to purchase tickets please click here.

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