Slowing Down

Whether you’re exhausted from a great workout or just from being a parent, for the ultimate in rest, relaxation and recovery, it’s time for some pampering!


The four-star Spa at Pinehurst offers a menu of more than 40 services and 31,000 square feet of pure “ahh.” Offering everything from a simple manicure to a 5.5-hour pure indulgence package, who wouldn’t want a gift card from this spa? The resort even helps you share the healthful benefits of the spa experience with your kids via a teen spa (ages 12-16) and a kids’ spa (ages 6-11). Younger kids require an adult companion. Follow up your treatments with lunch in the Carolina Dining Room.

FirstHealth opened a full-service spa at its fitness center in Pinehurst. From tension-melting massages and skin-illuminating facials to high-shine nails, FirstSpa’s extensive menu of treatments and services has something for everyone. FirstHealth also offers gift certificates.

Pampering on the Run

No time for the full spa experience? Then why not consider a “quickie”? After all, a little pampering is better than none, right? You can find a nail salon in just about any strip mall or salon in the area and even inside Wal-Mart. How convenient is that?

Timeout for Moms

If your kids are in school at least part of the day or more, consider taking some time out and doing something for yourself. Take that combat hapkido (self protection) or boxing class to get physical and work out all that built-up frustration (what frustration?!), or for something more subdued and relaxing, enroll in a “therapeutic” (come on, we all need some) knitting, cooking, art, cake decorating, scrapbooking or pottery class. You can exercise your mind by enrolling in a continuing education class at the community college (no grades, no tests, no pressure!), or if you still prefer to give rather than to receive, consider volunteering

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