We all love our children, but being a parent is really hard work. Sometimes what we need most is to take a “grownup timeout” and do something we can call our own. For some of us, that means kicking the family out of the house and claiming it as our own. Other times we need to escape, rejuvenate or reconnect.

Taking a Grownup Timeout… Alone or With Your Spouse
Whether it’s morning or evening, you can find something to do in the area to help shed your stress and enjoy some “me time” or “we time”. Can your spouse be a little late for work? Drop the kids off at school, then head to a favorite coffee shop. What better than a mocha with your man to get the day off to a great start?

After hours, call your favorite trusted sitter and take to the town with your spouse on your arm. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy to be good for you both. Head to a local art gallery and then on to an early dinner if it’s a school night. If you can stay out later, take in a great meal then head to the theater, the neighborhood watering hole for some good local music, or out for a moonlit stroll and good conversation to feel like a grownup and spouse again.

Reclaiming You
Many of us still have “baby fat” to lose or just need to regain the Zen that comes from a good workout. Several local fitness centers offer childcare as part of their membership, so there really are no more excuses! Even more options are available if you have children in school or a spouse who actually works regular business hours. Beyond traditional fitness, other approaches to wellness can help you refocus amidst the hustle and bustle of family life. Several studios in the area offer pilates and yoga training to help strengthen your core, relax your mind and renew your spirit. And don’t forget your personal interests (yes, you used to have some!); take a class, paint some pottery, or learn to knit (it’s not just for grandmas anymore!).

The Ultimate in Relaxation
Can you feel the tension pulling from the base of your skull to the bottom of your spine? Could you use a little sprucing up? (We all know who is at the bottom of the list when it comes to personal time.) Not to worry. Spas in the area can take care of you from head to toe – literally. And many sell gift certificates (hint, hint, dads!). Forget the new vacuum, we want to be pampered!

In Search of Connections
Nobody can do it alone. If you’re searching for a connection with those who know what it’s like to walk a mile in your shoes, other parents in this area have done the legwork for you and established some great local groups.

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  1. You are SO right about needing some grown up times! A way that The Wise Owl Parenting Company is looking to offer this to our community is by offering to put together a Father’s support group. We are trying to see if there is an interest in the community. Father’s are special people and need their own group. We are looking at offering a class a month where we can offer information about parenting concerns and allow the fathers to share their stories and have some fun! Please find our page on Facebook to keep up with what’s happening for fathers and for families in general! Please let us know if this is something that you and your family may be interested in! We look forward to hearing from you!

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