is more than just a website, it’s a community center for parents. Our site provides a wealth of information about the local area, schools and businesses. By consolidating community resources on one site, a busy parent can find anything she or he needs to know about the Sandhills of North Carolina with the click of a button.

Each day, thousands of parents throughout the region use SandhillsKids as their first choice for family information. By advertising through listings, banner ads, email newsletter and our SandhillsKids Card, your business can support families and thank them for their contribution to the local community. Show area parents that your business supports families by becoming part of ours.

Additionally, SandhillsKids provides instant access to a specific demographic group – Mothers (some Fathers and Grandparents too!).

Did you know?

  • That moms are considered to be one of the top 5 consumer groups.
  • Mothers make over 90% of all household purchases and decisions that affect the family making them one of the most powerful consumer group in the retail community.
  • By advertising with SandhillsKids, you can be sure to reach this target audience.

SandhillsKids offers a wide range of services and advertising options to help you maximize your marketing dollars. We pride ourselves on offering affordable sponsorship packages designed for small businesses and look forward to assisting your company with all of its marketing needs. Contact us today to discuss the best sponsorship opportunity to fit your needs.

Services Offered

Marketplace Listing
– Place a listing in our Marketplace under a Category that best describes your business. And if we don’t currently have a Category that works for you, we’ll gladly add one. Once you’re listed, we’ll even include a link back to your site.

Banner Ad – Looking for a larger audience?  Then consider advertising your business with a banner ad. Customized placement will ensure that you reach your market.

Direct Marketing and Discount Campaigns – Does your business offer a family discount, coupons or a dining special for children? Let us help you with your direct marketing needs by posting your coupons or discounts on our site. Or show your support for families by becoming a SandhillKids Card sponsor.

E-Newsletters & E-Coupons – Our newsletter provides you with an opportunity to communicate with our subscribers. Reach hundreds of parents in the local area by providing us with news about your business or organization and we’ll pass it on!

Calendar of Events – Is your business or organization having a special event, class or sale. Simply add your events to our community calendar.

Facebook , Instagram and Twitter advertising – With our following growing daily in these social networks, your information will be posted to the group’s pages.

Become a Sponsor and have your business directory profile on

I’m Interested but Not Quite Ready!

If you are not sure if you are ready yet and want more information or help to decide which package is best for you please email and we’ll get you the assistance you need.  Thank you for your interest