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Eat Green this St. Patty’s Day!

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Make this St. Patty’s day a year to remember and get festive with fun snack foods for your little ones! Add variety to your usual go to snacks by incorporating some festive fun that will make your child’s snack a more enjoyable experience. As always, snacks should consist of primarily healthy foods with the occasional sweet or salty treats limited to special occasions only. Visit Healthy Snacks for Kids for additional snacking guidelines and ideas.

Eating can be both nutritious and fun with these St. Patty’s day snack ideas:


Fruit Skewers: Make your own rainbow with these fun fruit skewers. Use assorted fresh fruits on wooden skewers to create a colorful treat!


Cucumber Clover: Simply slice a cucumber and arrange in the shape of a 4 leaf clover. Serve with a vegetable dip such as hummus.


Apple Leprechaun: Slice an apple to create this St. Patty’s day leprechaun. Add clementine slices around the base of the head and other assorted fruits or vegetables for the face.


Fruit Rainbow: Create this colorful rainbow by simply layering your choice of fresh fruits in the shape of a rainbow. Add whipped cream and Rolo candies on the ends for dipping and a sweet treat!


Veggie Clover
Veggie Clover: Clean and slice a green bell pepper into 3 separate pieces. Fill each pepper compartment with a fruit or veggie of your choice. Create a stem using green beans, asparagus or other long shaped vegetables.


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