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Caring Hearts for Kids of Moore

s5_logoOur 2 Administrators are usually standing by to take your call, please call
Anne Kennedy at 910-986-4577  or Jackie Willard at 910-986-8182


PO Box 382,
11815D 15/501 South
Aberdeen, NC 28315

As of May 9, 2014 CARING HEARTS FOR KIDS OF MOORE is a registered nonprofit corporation/charity in the state of North Carolina. Many of you know that we started here on Facebook with a small group of people just wanting to help others here in our community as a faith-based mission serving the children of Moore County.

Since November 2013 we have grown to over 3900 members. In this time we have developed relations with Moore County schools as well as several local mission and pet rescue groups. In the short time since this group was started, we have been able to help people with a variety of needs and diverse situations From school supplies to clothing, appliances to furniture, even finding homes and jobs to those that have lost in our shaken economy in hopes that the next person will Pay It Forward! Teaming up with the schools and local businesses of Moore County, we are able to provide coats, warm clothing, shoes and even Christmas gifts to those children that would likely go without.

Our goal is still the same – to unite the community; build communication amongst each other so that we can meet each others needs, and enable each of us to be there for our neighbors. Thank you for supporting us and coming together on this journey of ours to help each one another.


Donate just $1!

If you think $1 can’t make a difference, YOU ARE WRONG! We’re asking everyone to send in even a $1 donation to help us get into our new office/warehouse space so that we can get the food pantry up and running and we can begin to help get families taken care of that are at need. You can mail your $1 (or more if you choose ) to CARING HEARTS FOR KIDS OF MOORE, PO Box 382, Aberdeen , NC 28315 or we’ll even come by and pick it up.

You can make checks payable to Caring Hearts For Kids of Moore as well if you’d like to send a check. Remember 100% of your donation will go the rental and set-up of the new food Pantry.  Thank you for all your support and please help us continue to help the community by donating $1 to our organization!!!

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