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Ways to help your Community

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Still have a few weeks until school starts? Here are some ideas for ways to spend it helping others.

1. If your child loves being in the car, deliver something. It could be food to seniors, or picking up perishable foods from a school or restaurant and delivering it to a local food pantry.

2. Have a lemonade stand or bake sale and give the proceeds to a non profit that your kids might know, for example The Humane Society or a local food bank or to help after a natural disaster. If donating locally, they can help deliver the money in person and maybe even get a tour of the place you have donated to.

3. Collect cans for a food bank. Even the littlest children can help do this. You could even let them choose a few items each week at the supermarket to donate.

4. Volunteer to collect children’s books to donate.

5. Visit a senior center/retirement home. Contact the activities director and see if you can bring the kids in to visit during a meal or a game time.

6. Bake something and give it to someone in need. Children could also bring something they have baked to elderly neighbors or relatives.

7. Visit someone in the hospital. Children can often be the best medicine.

8. Volunteer at school. Often younger siblings can come and help when there are opportunities to volunteer at school.

9. Pull weeds. There is probably somewhere in your city that would love your gardening help.

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