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Dog Hiking in the Sandhills

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Hiking in this beautiful weather would be even better with you pooch along for the walk! The sandhills offers a few AMAZING natural trails that are pet friendly, so long as your companion is leashed. A few of my favorites:

  • Weymouth Woods
  • Reservoir Park
  • Sandhurst Park
  • Rounds Park.

When going out on walks in nature anything can happen so be prepared. You take water for your family so, make sure you have a way to give your pet water as well either by bringing a collapsible bowl or a bottle attachment for dogs.
Usually, we don’t know what types of bugs and other animals our pets bump into when they are smelling around so bring Benedryl just in case of an allergic reaction while you’re out. Ask your veterinarian for the correct dose for your pet.
Alongside the parks geared toward humans we also have two great dog parks in the sandhills! Dog parks are a huge favorite because they allow for off-leash fun and there are always canine companions to wear out Fido for you!
Martin Dog Park is a large wooded park and has trails for you to walk. It is NOT fully fenced. If your pet is not trained in off-leash safety please consider The Pooch Park.
The Pooch Park is another dog park that is fully fenced and requires a small yearly membership fee to ensure pet safety.  This park has separate small dog and large dog areas to help dogs in size appropriate play and to encourage the shy little guys!
Get out there and take Fido with! If you have any questions about this blog please contact me at

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