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SandhillsKids E-newsletters and Discounts – Do you get them?

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If not please click here:

Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!  Those of us with kids of school age probably have someone in the household attending a make up day tomorrow, Saturday.  But there is still a lot to look forward to.  Blue sky has reappeared as well!

**** SPONSOR NEWS ******
We also wanted to let you know a sponsor, Village Caregivers, who takes care of older loved ones, is having a ribbon cutting with lunch on Tuesday, January 18th from 12:00 – 2:00 pm at 1902-D Sandhills Blvd, Aberdeen, NC .  See the details on our calendar at

**** INFORMAL POLL *******

We had a sponsor event last Saturday but the weather really blew it.  We are passing on this question to you all and if you would not mind answering the anonymous poll on the site we’d surely appreciate it!  It’s on the right side of each page at for your convenience.  Here is the long version:

Due to difficult weather conditions last Saturday, La Boutique for Kids is considering returning to Aberdeen for another chance for you to shop their winter clearance sale one more time.
Please let us know if you would want to attend such sale if it was scheduled on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (10AM to 4PM) between now and the end of January.
If not, would you want to attend a spring sale in February or March on a week day or on a week-end?  This would be with spring clothing and not winter clearance.

We have had quite a few new family members join who have moved here from other cities and states recently.  When you are out and about and meet newcomers to the area, thank you for referring them to and helping them out!

*** FACEBOOK ***
LIKE US AT – it changes almost daily with updates from us and from all of you about community and parent issues and goings on.  Keep on adding!

Windows or Mac – we can help.  ConnectNC family owned business since 1996 and major supporter of offers in house or on site computer repair or troubleshooting for home and business.  420 SW Broad Street in Southern Pines 9-5 M-F or email us at  Thanks!!  Use your discount card for the service too!

Coming soon!  See what is available for your kids during time off school!

We are linked in with some really responsible middle school girls who have the babysitter training course with first aid under their belts.  If you have kids 3 yrs or older and are looking for help in the home on a weekend, or while you go out for a romantic dinner and movie in the evening, email privately to us with your information and we will link you up!

(we use this text only version of emails to keep it really simple for you to read them when you are on the go on your phones.)

SandhillsKids, LLC

_______________________________________________  Donated by ConnectNC, Inc providing you local high speed DSL, computer repair and web site design and hosting!  695-7068 or
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