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Happy Birthday Ce’zanne


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Paul Ce’zanne was a Post Impressionist and was known for painting still life like flowers, vases, fabric and plates of fruit that he arranged in his studio. He became a post impressionist right after Monet and Van Gogh . He also developed a method of painting geometric shapes in his art and introduced the concept of seeing everything as cubes, cylinders, spheres and cones. He was also known as the Father  of Modern Art and Cubism. At the time of art history he was very unconventional and went against Academia  and like many of the other artists at that time did not become successful till after his death.

As a study of his work I had one of my students do a painting of a cat in a Cubist style. She drew her cat and then and fragmented it into geometric shapes. 


After that she used watercolor to finish her Cubist Cat. She is also entering her art in an online contest in the theme of Cubism. She is  also one of my students in a home-school   Art History program.

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