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Adventures in Robbins

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Adventures in Robbins

Located at the northwestern tip of Moore County, Robbins boasts a friendly atmosphere, coupled with family values and a strong sense of community. Originally a textile mill town, Robbins is more than a rural community, it’s also a hub for outdoor activities including canoeing, kayaking, hiking—even stargazing.

Paddling Trails

Robbins hosts paddlers from all around to enjoy a relaxing day on Bear Creek, Cabin Creek or the Deep River. Canoe and kayak water races are held at special times of the year. Whether you bring your own or rent one, canoe and kayak enthusiasts have several areas to launch from along the rivers. For more information on launch sites and maps, contact the Robbins Town Hall for more information or online at

Up the creek with a paddle but don’t know where to go? Before you leave the house on your next river adventure, check out the NC Coastal Paddle Trails Website at for downloadable maps, skills level, difficulty ratings and approximate time for your trip.

Walking Trails

Robbins has various walking trails that start right in the downtown area and provide recreation and health benefits for area residents and visitors. Pack a lunch and pick up a trail map at Deep River Coffee Company or the Robbins Town Hall before you head out on an adventure of your own.

Dark Park – Star Gazing

Established in 1995, the Mid-Atlantic Star Party convenes in Robbins every fall. This event is a gathering of amateur astronomers, scientists, photographers and other night owl types. Camp out under the stars and join more than 300 other attendees who view planets, constellations, moons, nebulae, satellites and other fascinating things. Bring your own telescope or look through the scopes of other astronomers. Enjoy lectures, photo contest and camping during this week-long event. Robbins has some of the darkest skies on the eastern seaboard and this is the only Star Party held between Vermont and Florida. For more information, visit

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