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Sandhillskids June Blog

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While Sandhillskids covers many counties in the Sandhills region, all eyes were on Moore county this past month when the Board of Education decided to fire a much loved superintendent. What’s wonderful about our community is that parents and leaders can put their forces together to accomplish tasks that seem unreachable.

With the help of local media and the “Parents For Moore” Facebook group parents leaders and business owners were able to reverse the action made by the Board of Education and forced resignation of various members. As a result parents, leaders, businesses & politicians around Moore County have their eyes more open to what’s going on in our children’s education.

We can learn a lot from this event about communication, community, social media, and all around doing the right thing. You must always keep in mind that our children are watching and learning from everything that we do.

Sandhillskids wants to commend the media as well as “Parents For Moore” for what will surely be remembered as a historical event in Moore county. We are proud of your action in advocating for our children!

In other news, June has marked the beginning of summer break for all of our children in the area. Summer camps are buzzing, pools are full of laughter and fun, and parks are filled with busy families and friends! We hope you remember to show your membership card at local businesses as you are out and about to enjoy exclusive discounts.

Sandhillskids has a lot going on this summer! We have a giveaway for a week summer camp at Discovery Place Kids in Rockingham and our birthday giveaway for the summer months is forthcoming. Please take a look at our current calendar to stay in the know and take advantage of many fun and interesting activities!

We hope your family has a wonderful beginning to your summer, whether sitting by the pool locally or visiting one of our beautiful NC beaches!

We would like to leave you with some helpful information and a reminder that water safety is something we can never be too informed about. Please take a moment to check out this website with your child. They feature interactive games to have a conversation about pool safety with your child.

Pool Safely Games


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