strawberry-picking-ciccarello-familyThe Sandhills region boasts more than 40 different farms—each offering a unique selection of produce and livestock. Many area farmers set up roadside farm stands, participate in local farmers’ markets or schedule appointments for direct purchase. Before you venture out, however, call ahead to make sure they’re ready to accommodate visitors.

Pick-Your-Own – The best way to choose the freshest produce is to literally pick your own. Many farms throughout the Sandhills area open their orchards and fields to the public for just that purpose. Kids love picking and tasting right along with the grown ups. Call ahead to see what is ready to harvest.

Livestock – Farming isn’t just the production of produce for resale, it also encompasses an industry of raising livestock for various uses. The Sandhills area is rich in livestock operations including farms that manage horses, goats, chickens, cattle, sheep, donkeys and even exotic animals including alligators and alpacas. Several area farmers even offer free-range beef, pork and chicken to the general public.

Ice Cream – What better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with some homemade
ice cream? Many of the farms specialize in flavors churned from regionally grown fresh fruit.

Not sure what’s ready when?
Check out the handy harvest schedule below: