It’s not called the Sandhills for nothing! Gently rolling hills and sandy soil create the perfect environment for farming this South-central part of North Carolina. The tradition of cultivating the land for purposes of sustaining life and enriching others has been significant in the growth and development of the region. In the early days, influential Northerners occupied the area raising peaches, berries and a wide variety of vegetables, leaving their legacy (and their names) dotted throughout the area. Today, after generations of passing on traditions, the Sandhills area proudly boasts an array of working farms turning out a wealth of products including fresh produce, dairy and livestock products and even exotic animals. Come experience old-world traditions enhanced by today’s modern influences for a “Sandhills Ag-venture” not to be missed!

Want to learn all about Agriculture?

Stop by your local Agricultural Center and see what your county has to offer. Montgomery, Moore, Richmond and Anson Counties each bring a unique array of produce and livestock to the Sandhills region.

Peaches to Pumpkins to everything in between!

While driving through the scenic Sandhills area, be sure to stop at one of the many farm stands dotted throughout the rural areas. Fresh-picked produce at its finest awaits in these cozy places. Many of the farm stands also offer a variety of specialty items such as honey, jams and jellies, ice cream, homemade items and even crafts. And if you are looking for fun for the whole gang, then visit a “pick-your-own” farm for the freshest experience yet!

Agro, What? Agrotourism!

Do you want to see what life on a farm is really like? Then consider visiting a farm that offers hands-on activities such as hayrides, petting zoos, corn mazes and pick-your-own pumpkins.

Go Green!

From organic farming to local recycling programs, groups such as Keep Moore County Beautiful sponsor activities and recycling events to help area residents enjoy life in an environmentally friendly community.