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O’Neal Upper School Holds Honor Council Elections

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O’Neal Upper School Holds Honor Council Elections

Southern Pines – Five O’Neal Upper School students were recently elected to its Honor Council. An induction ceremony was held before their peers on Thursday, October 19th.

Junior Jenna Burns and sophomore Joseph Dailey were elected by their faculty and peers as permanent members joining current seniors Joseph Tozzi, Elizabeth Moore and junior Bennett Moore for the five-student council. Juniors Mary Guo, Bryce Samples and Peter Seifert were elected as alternate members.

The Honor Council is student-administered and guided by an advisor. It seeks to uphold the School’s mission statement and philosophies by promoting these characteristics while also dealing with those activities that are contrary to the School’s Honor Code.

After a few words from Head of School Matt Jacobs, each of the honor council members recited the pledge and signed the honor council book.

The ceremony culminated after all of the Upper School students went onstage to submit their signed pledge card affirming their understanding and adherence to the Honor Code.

An independent, college preparatory school for pre-kindergarten age 3 through grade 12, The O’Neal School is dedicated to the development of academic excellence, strength of character, and physical well-being of its students. O’Neal prides itself on having 100% of its graduates receive acceptances to colleges and universities throughout the nation.  The School is currently accepting enrollment applications. For more information, contact Olivia Webb, director of admissions at (910) 692-6920 or go to

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