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What I learned through the game of golf

Golf will allow you to experience the highest of highs and incredible despair, for a “game”. It has a way of creating such strong emotions to experiences that you will never encounter in any other sport. The challenge that it provides the player is to constantly try to be better; on a shot, a hole or as a player. The draw of the “game” is that we are able to enjoy it for a lifetime. We can play the game with anyone, regardless of age, physical limitations and ability. So often it is in spite of these limitations!

I have played this “game” for almost my entire life. I still have not figured it out. Some days are better than others. I have played in two Majors, full time on the Mini tour and all four years of college as an All-American. Some days are still better than others. What I have figured out is how I can be the best player I can be. This is the lesson I try to impart to my students; from the social golfer who simply wants to enjoy their game again to the tournament junior who wants to play on the high school team or look at playing college golf. It is an incredible journey. I love providing junior golfers with a love of the game.

The “game” should be approached in a self-paced manner, with a clear goal in mind. Refine the goal, rethink the goal and ultimately be the best golfer you can be. It is the “game” of a lifetime and if we think of the “game” as the journey it will be provide a lifetime of memories.

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