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Kids Yoga at Cool Asana yoga studio!

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Hot and Cool Asana yoga studios in Southern Pines offers a variety of classes for people of all ages and ability levels. Classes are offered in hot, warm, and cool temperature rooms and typically range from 60-90 minutes in length. Both Hot and Cool Asana offer classes almost continuously throughout the day, every day of the week. Click here for class descriptions and to find a class that suits your fitness needs.  To learn more about yoga and the health and fitness benefits click here.

Yoga is not only for adults as many kids are getting involved in practicing yoga as well. Yoga may help children cope with the emotional, social, and physical challenges they are likely to encounter throughout childhood. Focus on breathing techniques, body awareness, and creating a mind-body connection may assist in the development of a positive self-esteem. In addition, children generally enjoy yoga because it is fun as many poses and breathing techniques mimic animals and our natural surroundings.

Cool Asana yoga studio offers several classes tailored to each individual age group for infants through age 12.   

Inclusive Kid Yoga Series- This series is designed for children ages 5-12 with all abilities and/or disabilities. These classes will be taught by a certified yoga instructor alongside a special education teacher. The children will learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, practice fine and gross motor skills, and practice social skills in a gentle, safe, and fun environment.

Mommy + Me Yoga- A gentle, yet dynamic class designed to help mom find strength and balance postpartum. Mommy and Me Yoga relieves physical and mental stress associated with caring for an infant, as well as nurtures the mind, body, and spirit connection between mommy and baby. Mom benefits from both energizing and restorative postures, core work, and interaction with a community of other new moms. Babies benefit from shared postures with mommy, movements that aid in sleep and digestion, and infant massage.

Kids Yoga (4-8)- Children love this class because it’s engaging, challenging and fun. Parents love it because it helps children develop a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Yoga helps children develop flexibility, strength, balance, confidence, concentration and a sense of well-being.

Kids Yoga (4-8) review:

Children started by coloring together. Each child said their name, something  they like, and something they are thankful for. Next they worked on breathing techniques mimicking animal noises (snake, rabbit, elephant, and bumble bee). The kids found this very fun. The yoga warm up consisted of forward folds, laying on their belly acting like a snake, cat pose, and cow pose. Next they started yoga poses consisting of mountain pose, tree pose, airplane, dancer, pretzel. Savasanna was surprisingly successful and each child got a stuffed animal buddy to lay with and bean bag over their eyes. At the end they had story time and read the book “Care for Our World”. The class was a hit with all the kids and ended with stickers!

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Appropriate age range: All ages, however, classes should be age specific such as infants, toddlers, preschools, school age each in a separate class.

Pros: Improved physical fitness such as strength, flexibility, and balance. Improved emotional coping skills, building self-esteem and self-respect. Gratitude for oneself and others. May be beneficial for children with special needs.

Cons: None, however if your child does not enjoy yoga, do not force it upon them as they are more likely to resist it in the future.

Contact Information:

  • Hot Asana- 250 NW Broad Street (2nd Floor above Sunrise Theater), Southern Pines, NC. Phone: 910-692-9642
  • Cool Asana- 275 A NE Broad Street (2nd Floor above Eye Candy Art Gallery, Southern Pines, NC. Phone: 910-692-9642

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    1. The All Inclusive Kids Series classes are $45 for the entire series. You can visit: for more information and for the upcoming class schedule. Single class prices are $15 for general admission, $12.50 for military/teacher, and $10 per class for students under 23. They also offer monthly memberships and class packages to increase your value if attending frequently. Thank you for your question!

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