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Fayetteville International Folk Festival Volunteering Opportunity

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If you’re interested in volunteering for this year’s festival, go to and download application there.

History of the Folk Festival:

Fayetteville has a rich and long history of celebrating its multicultural population. Years ago, a group of forward thinking citizens got together to create the International Folk Festival as a celebration of our diversity. Now in its 35th year, the International Folk Festival has become a weekend-long celebration.

The International Folk Festival was created to celebrate the richness of the diverse cultural roots of our community. By showcasing historic artistic customs and traditions of a culture, the festival strives to foster an appreciation of our diversity while preserving the historical and traditional art forms that infuse a culture with its specific identity. The purpose and scope of the festival is to present the arts and creative expression of all of our community’s ethnic and cultural groups with a professional approach. Click here for complete information on the festival’s mission and participation requirements.

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