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Back to School Clothes Shopping Tips

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Even if your child isn’t thrilled that summer vacation’s almost over, they can’t resist shopping for brand-new stuff. Tuck this checklist and these insider tips in your wallet and get ready for a shopping spree you’ll both enjoy. Don’t forget to check great deals at consignment shops too! In Whispering Pines. NC check out The Puzzle Piece Consignment Shop and get a discount with your Sandhillskids card! ! In Fayetteville NC check out Hugs and Kisses Consignment Sale next week!!

Before You Go . . .

Prepare a budget with your child. He’ll learn a lesson in responsibility and be less likely to get upset if you can’t afford something he wants.
Agree to let your child pick out a couple of special items that they like.

What to Buy:

♦ Underwear — 10 pairs.

♦ Socks — 10-14 pairs.

♦ T-shirts — 6-10.

♦ Sweaters/Sweatshirts — 2-3. In the early fall, your child can throw a long-sleeved shirt or cardigan over her trusty T-shirt and add a hooded sweatshirt to keep extra warm.

♦ Pants — 5+ (preschool); 3 (older children). Preschoolers “still spend a fair amount of time on the floor so choose a durable fabric like denim. Elastic waists are essential for little ones, who get frustrated when they have to deal with snaps or zippers at toilet time.

♦ Skirt and coordinating top — 1 (for girls). Your daughter should have one pretty skirt for special events, to wear with an appropriate sweater or blouse, though older girls might prefer to dress up jeans with a classy shirt.

♦ Shoes — 2 pairs. Most children are perfectly happy with sneakers for everyday wear, but check with your school to find out what’s appropriate.

♦ Boots — 1 pair. Sturdy waterproof boots are necessary in rainy or snowy climates.

♦ Coats — 1 fall (optional), 1 winter, 1 raincoat. If your middle-schooler refuses to wear a winter coat, there’s not much you can do. But make sure that younger kids are fully outfitted to withstand the elements. A good hooded sweatshirt or fleece should be fine for fall, but cold winters demand a good wool coat or down parka. Look for a flannel-lined raincoat to keep your child warm as well as dry. it should be roomy enough to go over clothes and maybe a backpack.

♦ Hats, gloves, and scarves. Avoid knits and wool, which don’t dry easily.

Neckwarmers — tubes of fabric that slip over your child’s head — stay put better than scarves and are safer, too, since there are no loose ends to get caught.
Keep heads and ears covered with hats or fleece headbands.

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