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doggy fro-yo!

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I scream you scream we all scream for…fro-yo?!

The sandhills are finally warming up and you’re not the only one feeling the heat. You and the kids go and get frozen yogurt and its amazingly refreshing, sweet, add a little fruit and BAM…best summer treat ever! But, it’s not only a good treat for you it is an awesome and healthy treat for Fido too.

We eat yogurt because its tasty but also because the acidophilus ( or probiotic) help the good bacteria out balance the bad bacteria in our stomachs and this goes for dogs as well.

If you’re looking for a nice treat for your pooch try making “doggy fro-yo.”

Just purchase plain yogurt and let it freeze over night. I would give them this treat outside to prevent a hefty clean up. Just peel the top off and pop the frozen yogurt out and let your pooch go to town!

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