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Moms Meeting Other Moms

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Moms Meeting Other Moms

Ready to get out, but have nobody to get out there with? If you are new to the area and need to make friends, there are places where you are bound to strike up a conversation with another mom or two.

Many moms have preschoolers and older children on different school drop-off schedules. Because of this, some parents drop off their older kids and then take their preschoolers to a local park until their classes start. This is a great way to chat up some potential friends. Camelot Park in Pinehurst and Downtown Park in Southern Pines are havens for moms and kids after preschool lets out. So pack a picnic lunch or grab something on the go and swing by for a little playtime and meet-and-greet.

Don’t forget, Chick-fil-A is still a popular mom hangout during the mornings and lunchtime–especially when it rains. Who can resist chicken and an indoor play area?

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