When Monica Zimmerman moved to the Sandhills from Columbus, Ohio nine years ago and joined her family’s Internet and Web business, she just wanted to meet other moms and become a part of the community. Being a computer programmer she knew there were ways to combine all the resources into a website and knew as time went on, that would be more beneficial to other parents, working away from home or in home.   So, she did what all great entrepreneurs do when presented with a problem, she solved it by creating SandhillsKids.com.

SandhillsKids.com became part of the Internet superhighway providing parents in Moore County with a platform for finding area information. As a small grassroots website, it slowly gained momentum, and began to gain members from all over the region.  As the community grew, so did the need for a site that could grow with it.

In January 2007,  SandhillsKids became an LLC. Since then, the small company has established itself as one of the fastest growing online resources in the region – with thousands of users every month. It provides parents with updated area information, events, news, shopping, registration deadlines, camps, museums, and a place to share their collective voice and now a family-friendly publication!

When SandhillsKids was first launched in 2003, the goal was simple –

Provide information and resources for Families in the local community.

Since that, our mission has changed very little. Our core values still focus on families. What makes us unique are the people behind the site. SandhillsKids is designed, maintained and supported by parents. Because our site is created by the same people who use it, we know that we can bring you the best choices for your family.

Each month thousands of parents use SandhillsKids.com as their primary source of area information. SandhillsKids is more than just a website; it is a community resource for families. Through bi-weekly newsletters, members-only promotions, a discount card, and monthly sponsors, SandhillsKids highlights the best businesses, services, and events in the region.

I hope you enjoy SandhillsKids.com as much as I’ve enjoy creating it.

Monica Zimmerman