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How involved are your kiddos in taking care of the pets in your family?

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We all have shimmery hopes of our dogs being the “Lassie” in our munchkins life…walking them to bus stops, sleeping by their bed and growing up together but, how involved do you allow them to be in the care of Fido?

Here are some easy ways to get your kids and pets to play a more active role in each others lives!

  • Do the kiddos feed the dog at dinner time? Why not, right? If they spill the food the dog cleans it up…easy peasy, and Northwood Photography Heather Gallaher (93 of 135)this keeps Fido away from your dinner table longer. In doing this, the younger children see that Fido eats all of his dinner just like they do! Make sure the children pour the kibble and leave him to eat alone. *This is important for the safety of your kiddos. There is no need for your pet to feel as though he has to defend his dinner.
  • Is anyone in your home potty training? Well, dogs go potty too! Helping children recognize when others go potty can help them verbalize when they go potty as well. Make sure that you throw a “potty party” when your pet goes potty outside appropriately and explain why!
  • How is nap time in your home? After going for a walk, chances are your Fido goes and takes a snooze. Have you helped your little ones identify when he is sleeping just like they do? No one likes to be interrupted during nap time.

In keeping your kids actively involved in the care of their pets, we are helping create a stronger bond between them. With this, we can have them participate in some fun activities together this summer! How do scavenger hunts, pupsicles and puzzles for pooches and kids sound?


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