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A growing SandhillsKids, LLC and

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SandhillsKids, LLC celebrated its 4 year anniversary in business this year already, AND the 8th year since starting the website!  We want to thank the paid advertisers that help keep this business going, and let them know we appreciate them as customers.   We hope they continue to enjoy benefits of reaching out to the thousands of parents in the Sandhills area of North Carolina.  What started out as a personal need for information for my own family, while I worked full time, ended up being a business in 2007.  Sometimes people find it hard to imagine a business being virtual and information, but this business of information and web marketing is very time consuming, so has to be paid for by advertisers who also benefit.  We are not a store that buys shirts from China and resells in a brick and mortar, for example.  We are an information service, which happens to be also my background – IT with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Major in Information Management Systems.

Our mission is same as it has been even though it was from before Facebook existed!  To provide a community that links family friendly businesses to parents.  The site is mainly used by women who either had children prior or have them currently.  Many women whose kids have grown still use the site to get information about what services there are for women in particular, so we are getting more businesses who cater to women, inquire about advertising on the site.   There will be a separate section of information on the site for women only.

If you know of other businesses who are looking for a way to get that niche exposure via web, Facebook, and email newsletters out to parents in the area (Moore County, Hoke, County, Lee County – the geographical area is growing!) please have them contact us to choose their package.  It is THE MOST ECONOMICAL way to get that exposure to the niche market of families.  If you see a company paying hundreds or thousands for print ads, let them know the Internet is the way to go!

I want to make a special thanks to ConnectNC, Inc. (a local company in Southern Pines, and also my family owned business) for the wonderful web hosting and design services, and to Laura Tibbetts for her design talents.

For now, parent members receive a discount card which is honored at various area businesses, for FREE.  We have been mailing out the new member requested cards in droves!   We hope to continue to keep that membership free as long as businesses who can benefit from this community continue to realize their benefits as paid advertisers.

Thanks to all the advertisers, and to all the parents who are members who continuously send me emails thanking me for providing this service through our business SandhillsKids, LLC.

Monica Zimmerman, Owner and Founder, SandhillsKids, L.L.C.

(Just to clarify, we are not a non profit or a community service)


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