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School District Continues To Improve State Test Performance

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Increases in performance on the state ABCs program were shown in 21 of 22 Moore County schools, and the remaining school maintained its performance level, according to recently released results.

Moore County Schools improved performance over last year by 6.1 percent.  The performance in grades 3-8 includes reading and mathematics end-of-grade tests and science in grades 5 and 8.  Grades 9-12 include end-of-course tests in Algebra I, Algebra II, Biology, English I, Geometry, US History, Civics and Economics, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics v.

Sixteen of 22 schools met “expected” or “high” growth. Student growth is based upon prior test performance.  A mathematical formula developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction determines a year’s growth for each student.  If the total growth of all students within a school is positive, a school is said to have met “expected growth.”  If the school meets “expected growth” and at least 60 percent of its students make a year’s growth, then the school has made “high growth.”

Schools meeting “expected” or “high” growth were Cameron Elementary, Carthage Elementary, Elise Middle, Sandhills Farm Life, Highfalls Elementary, Pinckney Academy, New Century Middle, Pinecrest High, Academy Heights Elementary, Pinehurst Elementary, Robbins Elementary, Southern Middle, Vass-Lakeview Elementary, West End Elementary, West Pine Middle and Westmoore Elementary.
Schools are also recognized as a “School of Excellence” if 90-100 percent of their students score proficient, “School of Distinction” if 80-89 percent score proficient, and “School of Progress” if 70-79 percent score proficient.  In each case, the school must also meet at least “expected growth” to receive the recognition.  An added designation of “Honor School of Excellence” is given if the school meets the “School of Excellence” criteria and meets Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) guidelines.

Academy Heights Elementary and West Pine Middle were named “Honor Schools of Excellence.”  Sandhills Farm Life, Highfalls Elementary, New Century Middle, Pinehurst Elementary, and West End Elementary were named “Schools of Distinction.”

With the release of the ABCs results, the state has validated Moore County Schools’ recently released NCLB AYP results which showed 15 of 19 schools meeting AYP.

“We’re celebrating our successes,” said Superintendent Dr. Susan Purser.  “I am extremely proud of the work that our teachers, administrators and students have done and continue to do.  Our focus on improvement has been well-directed and has resulted in significant increases in student achievement.  We’re getting better.  Our theme is ‘Growing to Greatness,’ and that is exemplified through results such as this.”

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