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O’Neal Holds Spring NHS Inductions

O’Neal Holds Spring NHS Inductions

Southern Pines – O’Neal inducted 23 sophomores into the National Honor Society on Thursday, May 18th. During the ceremony, current members presented each of the four characteristics of membership: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Students must demonstrate excellence in these areas, in addition to maintaining a certain grade point average to be considered for the National Honor Society. The standard GPA for induction to the National Honor Society is 3.0; however The O’Neal School requires a 3.60 GPA for consideration.

New inductees are: Alexandra Baldelli, Hannah Burns, Jenna Burns, Alexandra Dymond, Danielle Essex, Julianna Grimm, Isabel Huesa, Anderson “Andy” Jenkins, Maia Kantorowski, Tatum “Shamiso” Kodzai, Sarah McInnis, Calli McIntyre, Nolan Meese, Bennett Moore, Chase Osorio, Madison Salloum, Bryce Samples, Augusta Smith, Fulton Smith, Blair Spencer, Spencer Sullivan, Nathan Swartz, Stefan Woolley.

O’Neal Director of Admissions Olivia Webb ‘02, addressed the Upper School student body. She spoke of the various distractions competing for their attention. In this digital age, with so many ways to access technology, students are constantly tempted to find ourselves diverted by somewhat trivial or inconsequential activities, like watching shows on Netflix or spending too much time on SnapChat, instead of taking care of their academics or getting enough sleep. She praised the new NHS members for their hard work and academic diligence, then she challenged them to continue spending their attention on worthy ideas.

Serving students from Pre-K3 through Grade 12, The O’Neal School is a college preparatory independent school located in the Sandhills of North Carolina. The School has dual accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). 100% of its graduates are accepted to colleges and universities throughout the nation. Go to for more information.



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