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What’s the Scoop on Discovery Place Kids

Take a closer look: I CAN Wonder Why.

If you have a curious little one who loves asking questions, experimenting and testing ideas, then you will love the I CAN Wonder Why theme area. This area sparks enthusiasm and encourages curiosity.

To celebrate playful, open-ended discovery and the creative process, check out I CAN Imagine.

Children explore concepts of math and physics with our oversized water table that features a water bell, water wheels, aimed sprayers and reconfigurable pipes. Baby seats are integrated into the table so that even the tiniest tots can get in on the learning-through-play.

I CAN Imagine is also home to one of their most popular exhibits, the air tubes. Children can open and close doors that redirect air blowing through the maze of clear tubes. Guests of all ages will plan, predict and use teamwork while sending colorful scarves and balls flying in different directions through the air.

Little guests will build problem solving skills as they plan and construct using blocks, recycled materials, art supplies and animation videos in the Studio.

In case you forgot your camera or are missing someone special, you can email photos of your creations using our caption and Go Motion stations. Your child’s masterpiece will also have the opportunity to be featured in a scrolling slideshow for all of their guests to see.

From water and air to building and art, there is something that everyone can enjoy in I CAN Imagine!

233 E. Washington St. Rockingham


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